The highest quality surgical cutting tools and instruments for all types of orthopedic procedures are manufactured by Precision Edge.


orthopedic bone saws and blades
Bone Saws & Soft Tissue Blades

More than 400 styles in a number of sizes. Rigid, flexible and everywhere in between.

surgical broaches and rasps
Broaches & Rasps

Hip and shoulder broaches, small and large bone rasps. Multi-axis capability for intricate contour grinding.

surgical orthopedic burs

Large and small bone burs are our specialty. Diameters range from .5 mm to 24 mm to service all arthroscopic and ENT procedures.

surgical drill bits
Drills & Reamers

Solid or cannualted, unmatched in quality. We’re the foremost leader in orthopedic drill manufacturing.

bone screws and taps
Implantable Screws & Bone Taps

We’ll take on the most demanding thread forms, cannulated or solid. Sizes as small as .9 mm in diameter.

surgical instruments

Targeting guides, bone fixation, inserters, measuring devices, rachets and more. We’ve got the experience to meet your needs.

surgical tool prototypes
Prototypes & Special Orders

Our design assistance and processes focus on cost containment. Our highly skilled, experienced machinists create your prototypes quickly and precisely.