Our Team Members

The power behind the products.

We know our customers are experts in designing implants and delivery systems, but can often struggle in selecting the proper cutting geometries and certain instrumentation designs.

That is where we come in! Let us show you how different kinds of flute geometries and tip designs will perform so you get the desired performance for your application.

The majority of designs leave 'sharpness criteria' in the hands of the supplier. Precision Edge was founded on the premise of producing the sharpest cutting edges in the industry and has upheld that reputation since our beginning.

Greg May Sr.,

Technical Director and Founder

A full-service partner with technology solutions.

Manufacturing & Process Capabilities

CNC Milling Machining Centers

CNC Grinders

Gun Drilling

CNC Lathes

Lathe/Laser Tube Cutter

Wire EDM Machines

Laser Etching Machines

Welding > Laser, TIG, MIG and Silver Soldering

Centerless Grinding

O.D. Grinding

Surface Grinding

Part Finishing, Electropolish, Blasting, Buffing

Inspection Capabilities

Tesa Scan Non-Contact Measuring Centers

Sylvac Scan Non-Contact Measuring Centers

OGP Non-Contact Measuring Center

Keyence Image Measurement Systems

Laser Mics

Keyence Dual Axis Micrometer

High Precision Mics

Air Gaging System

Starrett AVR Measurement Systems

Starrett HDV Measurement Systems

Werth CMM

Zeiss CMM

Value Added Services

Dedicated Customer Service Representative (CSR)

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Bar Coding

Custom Packaging & Labeling

Environment Controlled Pack Room

Design Input For Cutting Geometries

Design For Manufacturability (DFM)

Other Managed Services

TiN Coat

Chrome Coating


Diamond Coating

Vacuum Heat Treat



Quality Assurance

& Registrations

The highest quality in the industry. We are committed to continuous improvement, the highest quality, delivery integrity and financial strength.

ISO 13485: 2016
Certificate Number: FM 672019

United States Drug and Food Administration (FDC) Certified

If necessary, our experienced validation team will work directly with you to plan and execute validation activities for your products.



Prototype and Design Development

Experienced engineering support with decades of design work.

Clear and open communication throughout the project.

Simulation services based on desired part functionality.

Quick-turn prototyping.

Post process / DFM review: print completion.


Cross-Functional Team

Production lead

Process engineer

Engineering technician

Quality engineer

Quality inspector

Customer service representative



Internal Process Validation: Robust and industry proven process.

Equipment Validation: Validation assessment - IQ / OQ / PQ

Product Validation: Ensures repeatable program and process.

Software Validation: Ensures machining software performs consistently.

External Process Validation: We hold our outside partners to the highest standards.



Low & high-volume production

Numerous automation processes available

High-volume dedicated cell

Risk mitigation strategy: supply chain integrity and Multiple site redundancy

Delivery integrity